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Andrijevica Tabla


In terms of the pleasure it offers when visited on two wheels, the surroundings of Andrijevica does not lag behind other Montenegrin areas, but it is less explored in that sense. Well, then there is the opportunity to match discovering new things with that, already familiar, unique sensation of freedom in contact with nature.

New ascents and descents, new vistas, new answers to the question “what’ s behind the next bend…?” but also new beads of sweat: because the routes of Andrijevica are predominantly intended for those who have a certain level of experience and stamina. However, that does not mean that those who prefer more relaxing cycling will not find something that suits them: a little, nice “family-friendly” circuit along the eastern edge of Andrijevica, a romantic trundle through the valley towards the village of Kuti (and coming back to Andrijevica, instead of a gruelling ride over the high mountain pass between Kuti and Gusinje), going to the Gradišnica Valley (there again we will “cut off” a bit of an easier section out of a longer and more strenuous tour), as well as an interesting ride to Plav — quite enough for a couple of pleasant days on the asphalt roads and trails.

And for those striving for heights and distances without caring about the effort involved and about macadam, asphalt or forest trails, there are more than enough challenges: for such people Andrijevica will be their own Cape Kennedy, from where, day after day, they will take off up to the foothills below the cliffs of the Kom Mountains, to Mt. Bjelasica, across Mt. Visitor… even to Japan!

There are so many things waiting for us in this region, to see and experience — some things will be so wild and rebellious that they will not fit in one amazed look, nor we will tame them with one bike ride, other things will be meek to the point of obedience – but still will take our breath away cunningly, and yet other things will be completely hidden from us, leaving us with only a hint, for which we will wish to return here again.

With this guide we have tried to assist you in choosing your future discoveries, and with a detailed description of the routes around Andrijevica to enable you to better assess their difficulty and the conditions related to them, and to start the ride more relaxed. In order to have less worries on the spot, we have tried to mark all routes you will come across here with a quality system of signposts.

However we also recommend you download the GPS database from our website, which will considerably facilitate your planning and orientation on the terrain, giving you also greater freedom to change your plans on the spot, to switch from one route to another if you want to, to shorten or extend your biking tour, without having to worry about whether you will surely succeed in it.