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You are in Andrijevica, a small town situated on the banks of the River Lim, surrounded by tall mountains. Whether you are a fan of mountaineering, cycling, fishing or extreme sports, you are in the right place. You will be able to enjoy numerous and different trails, rivers teeming with trout, huchen and grayling, the wild cliffs and white waters of the River Lim’s tributaries, as well as attractive cycling trails through the forest. And as you admire the stunning mountain scenery try not to forget that this is a region rich in history, populated since prehistoric times. Andrijevica is a place where certain famous battles took place, a place of historical agreements and of some of the most important events in Montenegrin history. This is the place where the first school, as well as the first reading room of the region, was founded. Also, the remnants of the one of the oldest churches of Polimlje have been discovered near the town.

Andrijevica is located in the north-eastern corner of Montenegro, at the confluence of the Rivers Zlorečica and Lim. Surrounded by Komovi, Bjelasica and Prokletije, this distinctly mountainous municipality, with more than five thousand inhabitants, is situated at an altitude of 740 metres above sea level. The town is situated at coordinates of 42° 44′ N, 19° 47′ E.