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Podkomovlje (area under Komovi mountain) is one of the most beautiful regions in Montenegro, and is a paradise for all those interested in active holidays. Several clean, mountain rivers intersect this area – Zlorečica, Kuckaja, Perućica, Mojanska river. Podkomovlje is also a center of Vasojevici  clan, and aside from enjoying the natural beauties, here will be able to familiarize yourself with the rich cultural and historical heritage of the area, to hear interesting stories and legends , meet hospitable and pleasant locals , try the national cuisine of this region. Wherever you find yourself you will enjoy in magnificent vistas around you, and Komovi mountain will take the central place in almost every one of them.

If you like hiking, this region is the right place for you. If you are interested in plants, here you will find them in abundance. If you come during the summer, wherever you find yourself you’ll find wild strawberries and blueberries, and if you come in the fall, on each farm will be able to try plums, apples and pears, native species for which this region is famous. If you chose the right moment for your visit, you might be able to join some of the locals in making brandy, because wherever there is a lot of fruit, there is a long tradition of making brandy. In any case, here everyone can find something they can enjoy, in the midst of the mountains, with the fresh air, with good hosts.