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Komovi have always been an inspiration to poets and a challenge to mountaineers and botanists. Thrilled by the peaks and pastures, nature lovers had good reason to name it “the emperor of mountains and a divine giant”. Nature has played with the mountain mass and sculpted wondrous forms in the chaos of Komovi. You can still find authentic Vasojevići-style houses here that preserve the rhythm of the former highland life. You should not pass up the opportunity to see some of the remaining summer pastures that are slowly surrendering to the wonderous cruelty of the mountain and fading away from its slopes.

The highest peaks of Komoviare Vasojevićki Kom – 2,461m, Kučki Kom – 2,487m and Ljevorečki Kom – 2,463m.

For climb on Komovi you will not necessarily need to be in fantastic form, and climb is relatively easy. However, there are several dangerous and risky sections, which you will easily overcome if some of the experienced local mountaineers go with you. Therefore, we recommend that you get in contact with mountaineering club from Andrijevica, and that for your first climb on Komovi, you go in company with some of them. And when you climb to the top, and if you’re lucky and the day is clean and weather nice, you will be amazed by fantastic vista – practically half of Montenegro in plain view!

From the top of Vasojevicki or Kucki Kom you can see:

1. Bjelasica (Crna glava vrh) 2139mnv-20km
2. Hajla (Hajla vrh)-2403mnv-40km
3. Bogiđevica (Žuti kamen vrh)-2522mnv-38km
4. Đeravica (Đeravički vrh)-2524mnv-42km
5. Prokletije (Maja Rosi vrh)-2524mnv-28km
6. Karanfil (Sjeverni vrh)-2460mnv-29km
7. Prokletije (Maja Jezerce vrh)-2694mnv-24km
8. Kapa Moračka (Lastva vrh)-2226mnv-38km
9. Moračke planine (Torna-Babin zub vrh)2277mnv-30km
10. Durmitor (Bobotov kuk)-2522mnv-72km

If you do not feel like climbing on Komovi, do not worry, you will enjoy in the foot of the mountain as well. Komovi will soon be declared nature reserve, and it is not without reason. Here you will find various plants, blueberries, wild strawberries, and there are wild animals as well. Visit katuns, meet the locals, try local specialties. At the foot of Komovi you will find Eco Katun Štavna, and here you can spend the night, freshen up, rent a bike or a horse, and maybe get to know Komovi surroundings in this manner.