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What makes Andrijevica special is the fact that it is located right on the intersection, between the great mountain ranges – Prokletije, Komovi and Bjelasica. From here you can easily get to any of these mountains. But what we would like to recommend is a picturesque area that binds Komovi and Bjelasica , over mountain Lisa. Major hiking and biking trails pass right through here, and from here you can choose the path, whether you want to continue towards the mountains, or you want to go down to Gradišnica or Kolasin or Berane.

When you reach the pass on Lisa mountain, the view extends in all directions , and you see Komovi and Bjelasica , valleys and rivers everywhere around. You will pass through several beautiful, vibrant katuns . Most of the inhabitants in these farmers settlements are older people , the real, authentic representatives of this region. The faces of these elders will tell you a lot – they are hardworking and honest people, accustomed to difficult conditions, they passed through a lot, and their every wrinkle has its own story. If you have time, stop by to taste the brandy and homemade cheese, maybe they will share some of their wisdom with you. If you continue towards Bjelasica, you will find a mountaineers hut Krivi Do. Here you can spend the night, freshen up before you continue your journey. And when you continue, lush and green Bjelasica mountain will await you.