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An easy and pleasant tour which will suit everyone, a great way for further exploration of Andrijevica and its immediate surroundings. This is also one of those tours which can save a day: if it has been a rainy day and it has cleared up only in the twilight, or if we have got a little spare time, there is an opportunity to still get on our bike – and not only get on it but to truly enjoy it.

One can use an ordinary road bike for this tour since the road surface is mostly asphalt – there are only two macadam sections which, taken together, are less than a kilometre long.

From the park in front of the Komovi Hotel in the centre of Andrijevica we head left along the main road towards Plav. After slightly more than 900m we will turn left and downhill, onto an asphalt byroad leading us to the other bank of the River Lim, to the village of Seoce. Once we cross the river a moderate ascent starts, which will continue for the next two kilometres.

To negotiate this ascent easily, the surroundings will help: a cheerful countryside colour mixture, white freckles of little houses scattered near the road and covered with the tilted red caps of their roofs, a luxury of meadows and pastures embroidered with wooden fences and bushes on the boundaries, haystacks stick out in the fields here and there, and cows and horses take root enthralled by their work. We slowly ascend above the valley in which Andrijevica plays with the River Lim, and enjoy those lovely moments known to every lover of pedalling: the first beads of sweat, but more than compensated for by the broadening of our horizons and reaching new distances, our nose full of sweet smells, the excitement of discovery, the feeling that we are truly alive… Whenever a road or a trail gives us something like this, it is clear we have not been wrong for taking that way.

Rolling along the rim of Balj Hill, 3.3km from the start we reach the highest point of the tour – 870m. Slightly later we will find ourselves at the junction at which we should turn a sharp left and downhill (the other asphalt leads straight on, towards the nearby hamlet).

Soon we descend back to the valley, go past the Guberinić memorial drinking fountain and before the bridge over the River Lim we reach Ribarski dom (the Fishermen’s House): a lovely new log cabin situated above the river, on the right near the road, offers lodging as well.

Three kilometres both upstream and downstream from the log cabin there is a fly-fishing area. Here we may cast whatever we have readily available (our impressions over the shoulder, a hook into the water…), and start outwitting the trout.

Just after the bridge, at the entrance to Andrijevica we will go along a short section of macadam (300m). Then we get onto the Andrijevica–Berane road and turn right towards the town centre. The Most Bandovića Motel & Restaurant is located nearby.

About a kilometre before the park and hotel in the centre where we will also end our tour, we go past Knjaževac Park (on the right) in which there are monuments from the First and the Second World Wars as well as a botanical garden with over thirty different plants (sequoia, Serbian spruce, yew and others).The lovely Church of St Michael the Archangel is also situated there.

Route Characteristics:

– length: 7km
– total ascent: 190m
– surface: asphalt (6.2km), macadam (0.8km)
– biking conditions: all year round, except in the event of heavy snowfall