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At the beginning of this ride we will head along the usual, main road leading from Andrijevica towards Plav. But at the very end of the 4th kilometre from the start in Luke we will turn left, pass over the River Lim and continue along the “secret”, less busy and more beautiful route through the village of Gračanica.

The ascent which we start here is more intense up to the 10th kilometre, and then progress will be considerably easier. The asphalt ascends, taking us into a pleasant area hovering above the valley of the River Lim: on sunny days the silvery snake of water stretches out among the meadows and dozes off in the heat, in a landscape as if made for daydreaming. This is one of those roads on which the pedalling is slower than usual: there is no burning excitement or boiling emotions as in some other places, but instead, in the rich greenery and expanding horizons, a relaxed, calm, reliable affection for the surrounding area is born, as well as that precious thirst for conversation without which there is no successful journey: conversation with travel companions or, if there are none, with oneself.

At 7.1km on the left there is a spring. A narrow, deserted lane which can both talk and listen will bring us, after 10.4km from the start, to the saddle, the place called Mostine (950m, the highest point on our “secret” route). A few hundred metres before the saddle there is a place offering the most beautiful view of Polimlje and the area which lies behind us.

The start in Andrijevica is situated at an elevation of 790m above sea level, and the finish is in Plav at the elevation of 960m, but with this ascent in the middle of our excursion we have practically paid off the “entry fee” for this festival of beauty around us: a steep descent follows, about 2km long, and then gently, through a series of short ascents and descents, we will reach the finish.

Passing by the hamlet of Mašnica we descend to Murino, where we cross the River Lim again and join the main road towards Plav, 10.7km before the town. At the entrance to Plav (23.2km from the start), on the right, a little botanical garden is located – it is worth visiting it and learning more about the flora of the region, not to mention a good opportunity to finally find out the “name and surname” of some of the mysterious scents which have intoxicated, tickled and tricked us so during our ride.

Entering Plav we are immersed in a special and interesting historical and cultural mosaic, but at the same time we step onto the soil of the new mountain biking Eldorado: the nine marked routes in the region of this town waiting to be explored offer more than enough reasons to stay here for a while. Anyway, read on. :)

Route Characteristics:

– length: 26km
– total ascent: 540m
– surface: asphalt
– biking conditions: throughout the year, except in the event of heavy snowfall